The 3rd International Conference on Gross National Happiness Conference 2007, Nongkhai & Bangkok, Thailand

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"I feel that there must be some convergence among nations on the idea of what the primary objective of development and progress should be - something Gross National Happiness seeks to bring about".

                    H.M. Jigme Khesar Wangchuck

Academic Papers

Introduction and overview of the whole academic session activities can be found in the academic session reader. Thereader containsabstracts, timetables and session topics andis available for download here(1 MB PDF)

Academic papersbelowhave been selected for presentation on the 26th of November at Chulalongkorn University during theGNH Academic Session by GNH Academic Commitee.

Summary presentation of the whole academic session by the GNH Academic Coordinator Dr Michita Champathes Rodsutti is available for download here.

Papers are alphabetically ordered by author's surname. Available presentation slides will be added gradually...

Subtle Energy Activism Network, Bangkok, Thailand

'Subtle Energies in the Classroom: Phenomenological Research on the role of Energy in Education'

Download full paper here (PDF 227kb)

Bandyopadhyay, Saugata
Assets Reconstruction Company (India) Limited , India

Microfinance in improvement of living standard and GNH

Download full paper here (PDF 352kb)

Bauwens, Michel
P2P Foundation

P2P and Human Happiness

Download full paper here (PDF 252kb)

Brown, Peter (et al)
Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing Research, Griffith University, Australia

Happiness Under Pressure: How Dual-Earner Parents Experience Time in Australia,

Download full paper here (PDF 309kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 2.95mb)

Daskon,Chandima D.
PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, University of Otago, NewZealand

Gross National Happiness: A New Paradigm? Culture: a new attribute to studying rural livelihoods

Download full paper here (PDF 212kb)

Dorji, Bachu Phub
Chief Policy and Planning Officer, PPD, of the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC)

Anne-Marie Schreven
Organisational Development Expert, SNV, Netherlands

Gross National Happiness and Good Governance: Civil Service Reform towards achieving Gross National Happiness

Download full paper here (PDF 243kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 2.02mb)

Central Monastic Body, Bhutan

Happiness and Spirituality

Download full paper here (PDF 95kb)

Dorji, Dasho Kinley
Kuensel Corporation, Bhutan

Pretty Woman

Download full paper here (PDF 179kb)

International Center for Ethnographic Studies, USA

Orality, Story and Cultural Transformation: The Critical Role of Storytelling in Affecting Worldviews and Values

Download full paper here (PDF 200kb)

Joshua Kearns,
Aqueous Solutions, Oakland, California, USA and Chiang Mai province, Thailand,

Flanagan, Judith
University of New South Wales, Australia

Self-reliance in water treatment: Providing safe drinking water to communities using charcoal filtration to remove pesticides

Download full paper here (PDF 1.15mb)

Download presentation here (PPT 3.15mb)

Galay, Karma
Chief Research Officer, Centre for Bhutan Studies, Bhutan

Patterns of Time Use and Happiness in Bhutan: Is There a Relationship Between the Two?

Download full paper here (PDF 636kb)

Hassarungsee, Ranee
The Social Agenda Working Group, Thailand

No Human Security for the People in the Southern Border Provinces: Fieldwork Facts

Download full paper here (PDF 216kb)

Download presentation here (DOC 58kb)

Hirayama, Shuichi
Researcher, Human Science Research Institute, Daito Bunka University, Japan

Study for Living Standard Improvement on GNH Philosophy

Download full paper here (PDF 83kb)

Department of Philosophy and Center for Ethics of Science and Technology Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Web 2.0: Toward Happiness and Empowerment Through Interactive Technology

Download full paper here (PDF 538kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 4.16mb)

Horayangura, Nissara
Independent Researcher, Thailand

Interpreting Right Livelihood: Understanding and Practice in Contemporary Thailand

Download full paper here (PDF 119kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 350kb)

Indaratna, Kaemthong
Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Sufficiency Economy: A Happiness Development Approach

Download full paper here (PDF 291kb)

Jotwani, Nandlal (not present)
Global Harmony, India

Education as an Effective Tool to Enhance Happiness

Download full paper here (PDF 131kb)

Kaufman, Alex
PHD Candidate, Faculty of Environment and Resource Study, Mahidol University, Thailand

Creating Vibrant Communities through Ecologically Sound Food Production

Download full paper here (PDF 356kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 208kb)

Khudori, Darwis
GRIC (Group of Research on Identity and Culture), University of Le Havre, France

Spirituality-based Social Movements Facing Globalization in Asia and Europe: State of Knowledge and Prospect

Download full paper here (PDF 183kb)

Download presentation here (DOC 27kb)

Kiessel, Amanda
Sewalanka Foundation, Sri Lanka

Beyond the Linear Logic of Project Aid Alternative Understandings of Participation and Community Vitality

Download full paper here (PDF 218kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 1.56mb)

Piromsarn, Yougyud Wong

Mongkol,Apichai (et al)
Department of Mental Health,Thailand,

The Development of Thai Mental Health Indicator (TMHI): From Past to Present

Download full paper here (PDF 184kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 3.7mb)

Nitnitiphrut, Kanokporn
Thammasat University, Thailand

The Concept of Happiness: The Bridge between Western and Eastern Thought, and Empirical Evidence of Bangkokian's Happiness Determinants

Download full paper here (PDF 315kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 1.01mb)

Nowakowski, Linda A. E.
Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand

Increasing the Reliability of Wellness Metrics in Unique Groups

Download full paper here (PDF 328kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 1.3mb)

Okuma-Nystrom M. Kiwako
Institute of International Education, Department of Education, Stockholm, University, Sweden

Education, Social Sustainability and Gross National Happiness: Towards and a Paradigm Shift

Download full paper here (PDF 264kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 458kb)

Packard, Aaron and Seth Hickling
The Idealist Collaboration, Wellington, New Zealand

Cultivating the Future: Integrating Idealism and Rationality

Download full paper here (PDF 171kb)

Pankaj, Prabhat K
IILM Graduate School of Business, New Delhi, India

Conglomerative Radar of Happiness in Bhutan

Download full paper here (PDF 355kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 149kb)

Pek-Dorji Siok Sian
Kuensel Corporation, Bhutan

Opening the Gates in Bhutan Media Gatekeepers and the Agenda of Change

Download full paper here (PDF 236kb)

Pennock, Michael
Population Health Epidemiologist, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Victoria, BC. Canada
Dasho Karma Ura,
Director, Centre of Bhutan Studies,Thimphu, Bhutan

The Gross National Happiness Abridged Survey

Download full paper here (PDF 436kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 186kb)

Piromsarn, Yougyud Wong (et al)
Mental Health Department, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand,

Psychological Happiness Assessment with Mental Quality and Capacity Instrument (MQCI)

Download full paper here (PDF 165kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 375kb)

Rochman, Achwan
Center for Research on Inter-group Relations and Conflict Resolution (CERIC), University of Indonesia

Microfinance Institution, Social Capital and Peace Building: Evidence from Wet Kalimantan, Indonesia

Download full paper here (PDF 50kb)

Salvaris, Mike
School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Democracy, happiness and progress measurement

Download presentation script here (PDF 162kb)

Download presentation here (PPT 1.7mb)

Selvaraj M.


Lalitha Ramachandran
Department of Commerce and Administration, Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Bhutan

GNH, Health and Economic Status of Bhutan

Download full paper here (PDF 335kb)

Naveed Aamir and Shahbaz, Muhammad
Social Policy and Development Centre in Karachi, Pakistan

Macroeconomic Determinants of Poors Happiness:A Case Study of Pakistan

Download full paper here (PDF 1.1 MB!!)

Download presentation here (PPT 1.52mb)

Shekhawat, Prahlad Singh
Director, Alternative Development Centre, Jaipur, India

Rethinking Development and Well-Being

Download full paper here (PDF 154kb)

Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart Universit, Thailand
Wipawa Chuenchit
Healthy Public Policy Foundation

A Tale of Two Samut Cities: Different Paths to Development and Peoples Well-being in Samut Sakorn and Samut Songkram Provinces

Download full paper here (PDF 154kb)

Download presentation (PPT 560kb)

Suwanbubbha, Parichart
Mahidol Research Center for Peace Building and Center for Contemplative Education, Mahidol University

Happy and Peaceful Life through Dialogue at the Youth Detention Center

Download full paper here (PDF 154kb)
Download presentation (PPT 3.25mb)

Timsit, Jean
French-American Charitable Trust

Sweeton, Jennifer
Stanford University

An introduction to Project +:a multidisciplinary research project on happiness and how it can impact the world

Download full paper here (PDF 181kb)

Tossa, Wajuppa
Western Languages and Linguistics Department, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Mahasarakham University, Thailand

Storytelling, a means to revitalize a disappearing language and culture in Northeast Thailand (Isan)

Download full paper here (PDF 154kb)

Trkulja, Sinisa
Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Happiness as indicator and planning objective for the Spatial Development policy

Download full paper here (PDF 172kb)

Download presentation (PPT 3.25mb)

Zilberg, Jonathan

Moving from GDP towards GNH: Beyond The World Banks Quality of Growth Model for Achieving Sustainable Development

Download full paper here (PDF 435kb)

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