The 3rd International Conference on Gross National Happiness Conference 2007, Nongkhai & Bangkok, Thailand

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เว็บไซต์ GNH ของเราเปิดพื้นที่เนื้อหาภาษาไทยแล้ว
ท่านสามารถเข้าได้จากเมนูหลัก "ไทย" หรือจากลิงค์ด้านล่างนี้


"I feel that there must be some convergence among nations on the idea of what the primary objective of development and progress should be - something Gross National Happiness seeks to bring about".

                    H.M. Jigme Khesar Wangchuck


Overall objectives


The general objectives of the Youth Program and Forum will be related – with a Youth focus - to the Conference’s aims of:


1- Providing a creative platform for inspirational exchanges on transformation


2- Facilitating exchanges, interaction, scientific debate and networking on Gross National Happiness and related issues


3- Strengthening and innovate effective approaches and supporting networks inducing tangible results towards the improvement of people’s happiness, well-being, peace and human security involving all stakeholders.


Specific objectives


The GNH Youth Program and Forum, and the preparation and leading activities run by the core group, will in particular ensure:


I - The monitoring of the 3rd International Conference on Gross National Happiness contents and activities from the Youth perspective, with the development of specific recommendations and guidelines for Youth involvement in the GNH process in all sectors concerned, from NGO’s and civil society organisations to governments and intergovernmental bodies, from the corporate sector, business networks and social entrepreneurs to academics and students.


II - A strong support for the implication of the different national youth groups present, with the creation of a Youth Focal Point during the main conference.


III - The strengthening of existing and future synergies among youth actors involved in GNH activities, in particular in the Mekong region, promoting further networking among different countries and in the complementary domains of society, environment and economy.


IV - Important advancements on specific and cross-cutting issues identified and targeted by the GNH Youth preparatory meetings and pre-conference activities, such as:


  • the development of a Youth well-being index
  • the impact and importance of voluntary service and alternative education in youth learning processes
  • the worldwide challenges of unemployment and peace-building.


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